FGV339 - Mantodeus

Frostgrave Bestiary Creature.

These large, predatory insects, are native to the lands far to the east. They were
brought to the Collegium as zoological specimens. They escaped during the
cataclysm and have survived through to the present by spending long periods
hibernating in cocoons. When fully grown, mantodeus stand nearly five feet tall,
and sport a pair of strong, barbed forelimbs which they use to disable prey before
devouring them using their razor-sharp mandibles. Mantodeus have huge eyes
and are able to turn their heads nearly all the way around – this exceptional
vision makes it nearly impossible to sneak up on one.

Suitable for use with 28mm sized figures, made of pewter, supplied unpainted. This model needs to be assembled with glue, only recommended for experienced modellers.


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