NSH1002 - Denizens of Innsmouth.

'Two of the figures I glimpsed were in voluminous robes, the gait of the figures was so odd that it sent a chill through me—for it seemed to me the creatures were almost hopping.'

'Their features were indistinguishable, but their crouching, shambling gait was abominably repellent. And worst of all, I perceived that one figure was strangely robed.'

"Right now Barnabas is about changed. Can't shut his eyes no more, an' is all out o' shape. They say he still wears clothes, but he'll take to the water soon."

'And yet I saw them in a limitless stream—flopping, hopping, croaking, bleating—surging inhumanly through the spectral moonlight in a grotesque, malignant saraband of fantastic nightmare. And some of them had tall tiaras of that nameless whitish-gold metal . . . and some were strangely robed . . . and one, who led the way, was clad in a ghoulishly humped black coat and striped trousers, and had a man’s felt hat perched on the shapeless thing that answered for a head'.

Four Deep Ones, clothed to mix with the people of Innsmouth.

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

Can be used as Deepfolk and Hybrids of Dagon in the game Dracula's America.

Denizens of Innsmouth.

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