Tadeusz Kosciuszko

There is a time when you have to sacrifice everything to have everything saved.

General Tadeusz Kosciuszko is a hero of two nations. Born in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, studied in Paris during the 1768 civil war rather than choose sides. He went to America to aid the rebellion against the British Crown, becoming a Colonel of Engineers and involved in building West Point. After the American War of Independence, he joined the Polish Army as a Major General, serving with distinction during the Polish-Russian War of 1792. The King’s surrender forced him into exile. He raised a revolutionary army in 1794, but a greater uprising did not happen and the Poles lost. Kosciuszko left but remained active in Polish independence politics until his death.

This is a limited edition figure. Each miniature comes with a numbered gift card.

28mm sized metal figure, supplied unpainted.


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