BFM040 - Mounted Shieldmaiden Hearthguard

Svala, Brynhildr, Solveig and Herja march to battle aside their trusty steeds.

There is nothing more terrifying than a screaming woman galloping toward you axe in hand, apart from perhaps...many. These are armed with a hand axe and shield, and wearing a variety of differently styled mail shirts over tunics.

Whilst perfect for dark age gaming, they also fit seamlessly into fantasy as some badass lady adventurers or troops.

Pack contains four metal mounted figures. There are four different horses. Each figure is hand sculpted differently, so they are very characterful figures.

Supplied unpainted.

Sculpted by Alan Marsh, display painted by Darren Linington

Mounted Shieldmaiden Hearthguard

Our Price: £24.00