BFM071 - Hel Goddess of the Underworld

This is a large figure. See the gallery for size comparisons.

Hel is a daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboða, and with her brothers Jörmungandr (World Serpent) and Fenrir (Helhound), they preside over the underworld.

This stunning tabletop or miniatures cabinet centerpiece is sculpted by Shane Hoyle, and shown painted by John Morris. It is only in two pieces - the whole thing, and the arm of the flayed man. So no millions of pieces multipart pin hell. Hel! Geddit.

Half of her is fleshy like a human, whilst the other rots to bone. A perfect leader for an army of the undead!

Supplied unpainted, assembly required. 28mm scale but much larger due to being half giant (exact measurements to come).

Hel Goddess of the Underworld

Our Price: £14.00