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Captain Flint

Captain J. Flint is one of the main characters in the book Treasure Island. In Stevenson’s book, Flint was the captain of a pirate ship, The Walrus, which accumulated an enormous amount of captured treasure, approximately £700,000. Flint and six members of his crew bury the plunder on an island located somewhere in the Caribbean. Flint then murders his six assistants, leaving the corpse of one, Allardyce, with its arms outstretched in the direction of the buried treasure. He is a ruthless man, who expects the best from his crew. His origins are somewhat mysterious, some say he is the bastard child of Blackbeard, others that he once served in the British Royal Navy.

One miniatures per set, 28mm sized metal figure supplied unpainted. Plastic base not included.

Each miniature comes with a numbered gift card. Only 500 will be made.


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