WBWUF01 - King Raedweld of East Anglia

Rædwald is the signture Footsore Miniatures figure. The famous Sutton Hoo helmet that is widely believed to have belonged to the king proudly adorns our logo.
From around 616, Rædwald was the most powerful of the English kings south of the River Humber. According to Bede he was the fourth ruler to hold imperium over other southern Anglo-Saxon kingdoms: he was referred to in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, written centuries after his death, as a bretwalda (an Old English term meaning 'Britain-ruler' or 'wide-ruler').
The pack contains one figure 28mm sized, supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. The spear, shield and base are supplied.

King Raedweld of East Anglia

Our Price: £5.00