BFM107 - Amazon and Dwarf Vignette

Have you seen a miniature representing a noogie before?

English not your first language and wondering what the heck a noogie is?

An act of putting a person in a headlock and rubbing one's knuckles on the other person's head, often a playful gesture of affection when done lightly.

Yeah, you know it! How cool is that! We decided that instead of being enemies, the Dwarves and Amazons should be friends...or even more! This is a one piece casting (impressive, kudos to our casting folks!) in metal, the image has been coloured so that you can see the image clearly until we have a lovely painted version. One of my favourite miniatures, the expressions have been captured beautifully.

Sculpted by Alan Marsh, shown painted by John Morris

Pack of one miniature, supplied unpainted, cast in high quality metal, single piece, 28mm scale.

Amazon and Dwarf Vignette

Our Price: £8.00