BFM105 - Kythera - Dwarf Barbarian

Kythera is a dwarf barbarian who uses sharpened bones fashioned into mitts for mega close combat damage. A tank that does not shy away from getting stuck in... literally.

Lots of people have been asking for a dwarf with a beard, and I was uncomfortable of doing it for the novelty value or to fit someone else's fluff. However, some women do have beards, and we are all for representation, so I found a way to meet in the middle.

Kythera is based on.....Kythera, a customer and friend (and great painter) who has outstanding facial hair, not too far off a famous wolverine based character. So she will now be immortalised in metal forever, in her LARP gear and suitable weaponry. She said it was awesome so long as she gets to paint the box!

Sculpted by Shane Hoyle

Pack of one miniature, supplied unpainted, cast in high quality metal, single piece, 28mm scale.

Kythera - Dwarf Barbarian

Our Price: £4.00