GiM052 - Black Hawk Down

“Nobody asks to be a hero, it just sometimes turns out that way”.

Mogadishu, October 1993. Two Special Forces snipers, SFC Shughart and MSG Gordon, have rappelled down to the crash site of a second Black Hawk helicopter, shot down by Somali militiamen. They come under sustained fire but the two soldiers traded shots with equal vigour. Ultimately the incoming heat is too much: Gordon goes down and Shughart gaves his weapon to the surviving pilot, Michael Durant. Shugart maintains his fire for a few minutes more before he too was killed. The Militiamen moved in, killing the remaining crewmen except for Durant who was taken prisoner. Gordon and Shughart each received a posthumous Medal of Honor for their heroism.

Two miniatures per set, 28mm sized metal figures supplied unpainted. Plastic base not included.

Each set comes with a numbered gift card. Only 500 will be made.

Black Hawk Down

Our Price: £7.00