BFM098 - Thea, Amazon Champion

Thea, Amazon Champion (& her Guinea Pig-riding Pixie Scout).

Well. Thea is of course a mega badass miniature, which I cannot wait to see painted up,

...but what is that little thing by her feets!

If you click on the gallery images, you will see some zoomed in images, and fabulous artwork by Martin Whitmore. It's a tiny peeg (smaller than our usual, is a baby peeg) with a pixie rider. Why the heck not? This little pair of friends scuttles ahead of the march, to scout for any trouble. If so, the alert is given, "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!"

Sculpted by Shane Hoyle

Pack of two miniatures, supplied unpainted, cast in high quality metal, single piece, 28mm scale.


Thea, Amazon Champion

Our Price: £6.00