HF028 - Truck Drivers and Passengers

These two drivers and two passengers are made to fit the Sarissa Matador but should fit in most 28mm scale vehicles, possibly requiring some tweaking. One driver has her arm leaning out of the window, the other is facing forward.

The two passengers are sat in the back, up against the back of the cab, but can be positioned pretty much anywhere on the table you'd like! They're just chilling out.

This is JUST THE MINIS. The trucks are available separately.

The pack consists of 4 miniatures, cast in high quality pewter, sculpted by Rob Macfarlane. 28mm scale, single piece and fit great with all popular WW2 ranges

These miniatures work perfectly in both historical settings but also pulp scenarios such as Operation Sea Lion.

Truck Drivers and Passengers

Our Price: £10.00