HF031 - Potato Pete & Doctor Carrot

Dr Carrot and Potato Pete of course! They were featured in a lot of wartime posters encouraging people to grow and eat "good ol British potatoes" and the infamous carrot lie - that they help you see in the dark (a tricksy cover for our radar developments!).

These are resin and multipart, so they're even posable! They're taller than our usual figures and can work as anything from objective markers to creatures that have come alive from the posters (perhaps a sci fi type of gas brought them to life?) Or as normal human people in mascot outfits doing some advertising work door to door. They'll be really fun to paint.

The pack consists of 2 miniatures, cast in high quality resin, sculpted by Ristul. 28mm scale, multipart and fit great with all popular WW2 ranges. Supplied unpainted, shown painted by Annie Norman.

These miniatures work perfectly in both historical settings but also pulp scenarios such as Operation Sea Lion.

Potato Pete & Doctor Carrot

Our Price: £10.00