VG12013 - 12mm Late War German Infantry and Heavy Weapons

This 12mm /1:144th scale WW2 infantry set contains 184 superbly detailed miniatures. We have pushed the tooling boundaries at this scale to give you well proportioned figures with a high level of detail that surpasses many 15mm and 20mm miniatures currently on the market.

You can field a whole infantry company 1/1 ratio with each set as they contain enough riflemen, light machine guns, mortars, heavy machine guns, anti-tank weapons, radio operators, officers, sergeants and ammo carriers. They are one-piece castings as much as possible but some weapons such as Mortars and heavy Machine guns come in easy assemble multiple parts. 

We will be following the release of the late War British and German infantry with US infantry and will expand to Russians and Paratroopers early 2021.

Set includes:

8 X MG42 teams

4 X MG42 on tripod

4 X 50mm Mortar teams

4 X 81mm Mortar teams

8 X Panzerfaust

8 X Panzerschrek

4 X Radio operators

8 X Officers

8 X NCO’s

12 X Ammo carriers

96 X Rifleman

12mm Late War German Infantry and Heavy Weapons

Our Price: £30.00