Designed to recreate actual battles, In Deo Veritas focuses on the command decisions needed to maintain the motivation of the army. The six actual battle scenarios provide a range of different challenges from the warfare of the seventeenth century.

Battles are played at the brigade level with all major elements are on 75mm/3" wide bases. Using smaller scale figures (6-15mm) lets players give their units a realistic feel. The ground scale of 1" = 40yds means the typical 6ft x 4 ft table is large enough to accommodate most battles of the period. Most players will already have everything needed to play (d6, tape measure and a deck of cards). To learn the rules will take 2 hours or so using some of the smaller battles. Once you have become familiar with the core elements then your games will flow more quickly and a larger battle such as Wittstock should last for 3-4 hours depending on the arrival of the reinforcements.

The rules contain 6 scenarios.
Nothing is certain; but generals that hone their skills are more likely to be victorious.

General - Pages : 118 | Images : 6 scenario maps, 56 tables, 44 colour photos/ills


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