OAKHF06 - Halfling Oathmark Army

This is a special deal to give you the core of your Halfling army to use in Oathmark. 

You can top it up to your specifications by adding exta Halfling unit packs.

The deal contains:

1x Soldier unit (10 figures)

1x Spearman Unit (10 figures)

1x Archer Unit (10 figures)

1x Border Guard Unit (10 figures)

We are also including all the plastic bases you need AND a free Halfling Champion model.

41 metal 28mm sized metal models, supplied unpainted.
41 plastic 25mm by 25mm bases.

The photo shows a painted selection of our Halfling models. They are not showing the army deal contents and you may not get some or all of the models in the photograph.

Halflings are sculpted by Mark Copplestone and are from his Copplestone Castings range.



Halfling Oathmark Army

Our Price: £48.00