GEGROM001 - Romanian Infantry Platoon Summer Uniform

Command squad, Squad A and Squad B.

In June, 1941, the Romanians crossed the River Prut in the opening moves of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union. A major ally, Romania contributed more troops to the Eastern Front than all of Germany's other allies combined. Following a major Soviet invasion attempt, the Battle for Romania opened in August 20th, 1944 with a heavy artillery bombardment followed by an overwhelming ground offensive against Romanian and German defensive positions.

During this disastrous defence, on August 23rd, King Mihai launched a successful coup against Antonescu and Romania switched sides. Germany attacked Bucharest and their former ally declared war on August 25th. Romanian troops expelled the Germans from the Ploiesti oilfields and clashed with Hungarian troops on the western border. In September/October, 1944, the Romanian Fourth and Soviet 27th Armies successfully attacked Hungarian and German forces in Transylvania. Romania continued to fight alongside Soviet forces against the Axis in Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, ending their war by May 11th, 1945 with the Prague Offensive.

Romanian Infantry Platoon  Summer Uniform

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