BP1817 - Strength & Honour

Strength & Honour is a fast-resolution Ancient wargame, playable on a relatively small surface using any scale of figures but with an emphasis on small scale miniatures which give the flavour of the huge battles of the Ancient World.

The game allows you to recreate battles from the start of the Marian reforms in Rome around 105BC, when the professional Roman legionaries organised in cohorts replaced the older Republican Legion structure of maniples, through to about 200AD.

In addition to the rules, Strength & Honour includes twenty army lists covering the Ancient world from the island of Britannia in the west to the mystic East beyond the mediterranean; Germania’s forests in the north and the deserts and mountains of north Africa in the south.

Ten scenarios are included to get you started.

The rules are 120 pages in length produced with high quality artwork throughout in perfect bound softback format.

Strength & Honour

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