BFM159 - Brunhilde: The Valkyrie

Product Details

Brand: Bad Squiddo Games

Scale: 28mm

Material: Resin

Sculptor: Shane Hoyle

Inspired by the classical artwork by Arthur Rackham, we present Brunhilde: a powerful and important Valkyrie. Giving justice to the original is the hand sculpting of Shane Hoyle, capturing her stoic essence in 28mm. The depiction of the shieldmaiden was in collaboration with Richard Wagner, who can be blamed for a lot of modern day [fantastical] depictions of dark ages headgear. As well as fitting in your Viking era and fantasy games, she is also a simply a stunning model to paint and display.

Supplied unpainted, 28mm scale two parts (the whole thing and shield), cast in high quality resin.

Sculpted by Shane Hoyle, display painted by John Morris.

Brunhilde: The Valkyrie

Our Price: £10.00