FGV120D - Necromancer & Apprentice II (Deluxe Version)

We have cast the first 200 Necromancers and Apprentice in super-detailed high quality resin. Only available while stocks last.
The Necromancer and Apprentice II will be made in pewter when they go on general release.

Necromancers study the magic and spells associated with death, as well as the creation and control of undead creatures such as zombies and animated skeletons. They generally wear dark colours (most commonly black), and tend to have a sickly, unhealthy appearance. While necromancers are not necessarily evil, there are few that have delved deeply into this school of magic without giving in to its corrupting influence.

Two 28mm sized resin miniatures, supplied unpainted.

The painted Necromancer was done by the winner of the April 2023 Frostgrave Painting Competition, Miljac

Necromancer & Apprentice II (Deluxe Version)

Our Price: £7.00