FGV249 - Tinkerer & Scrounger

The art of creating constructs is dependent upon having quality materials; 
unfortunately, such things can be hard to obtain in the ruins of the Frozen City. 
For this reason, some wizards employ soldiers specifically to scout out and 
recover raw materials for use in building constructs. These scroungers see 
‘treasure’ everywhere, in the fittings of furniture, the ironwork incorporated 
into architecture, the bits of coloured glass remaining in shattered windows, 
and so on. Since these soldiers are always carrying a pack-full of stuff, they tend 
to be a bit slow, but they are used to fighting for what they have and need. 

The terrain and climate of the Frozen City is as tough on equipment and 
constructs as it is on people. For that reason, many wizards like to hire a general 
handyman to help out with repairs. These ‘tinkerers’ spend most of their time 
in a wizard’s workshop, mending weapons and armour, helping to fix damaged 
constructs, or even aiding in the construction of new and unique automatons. 

Two 28mm sized Pewter miniatures, supplied unpainted.

Tinkerer & Scrounger

Our Price: £7.00