SGV313 - Grothek-Spawn

When a Grotheck reaches a certain age, it births a litter of Grotheck-spawn. This can be anywhere from 10 – 30 individuals. Grotheck-spawn look like smaller versions of their mother. Upon birth, each spawn wanders off to hide for a few days while it comes to strength. After that, the spawn hunt and consume one another, a process that can last for several years. Eventually, when only one spawn remains, it will challenge its mother for the right to exist and to breed the next litter of spawn. If intruders enter the Grotheck-spawn hunting grounds, then the spawn will suspend their hunt and attack these intruders until they have all been killed.

Unlike an adult Grotheck which can be a slow, ponderous creature, the spawn are extremely nimble and capable of leaping a great distance.

Three models per pack. 28mm sized metal models, supplied unpainted.


Our Price: £7.00