SGV502 - Chella Rean & Drix Nomat

Chella Rean is the daughter of a captain in one of the major pirate fleets, though she refuses to be more specific than that. For most of her life, she reaped the benefits of this privileged position, including an education at a very expensive boarding school. But something happened during her school years, some event that changed her outlook. As soon as she graduated, she went on the run from her family. Slowly, she gathered a small team whose sole purpose was to strike back against the pirate fleets. After a couple of notable victories, her team was betrayed from within and ambushed. Nearly everyone in her rebel cell were killed in the ambush, and Chella was badly wounded, losing an eye and her left forearm. Thanks to the influence of her father, Chella was spared, and her missing parts replaced with fancy cybernetics. 

Drix is the third son of minor nobility. A classmate of Chella Rean, he disappeared at the same time. Although he is completely devoted to the cause of bringing down the pirate fleets, his main devotion is to Chella, who he is not-so-secretly in love with. Drix has saved Chella’s life on a couple of occasions, taking shots meant for her, and the wounds are starting to take their toll on his body. 

Two metal 28mm sized figures, supplied unpainted.

Includes two round plastic bases.

Chella Rean & Drix Nomat

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