BP1830 - Bloody Big HUNGARY 48 Battles

The Hungarian War of Independence was the largest and longest of the conflicts arising from Europe’s Year of Revolution in 1848. It lasted a year, saw half a million troops engaged, and generated dozens of significant engagements on three major fronts. Dedicated research now makes this neglected conflict accessible to wargamers. BBHB lets you refight sixteen of the most important battles of the war! Each scenario gives you:
• A clear and accurate historical situation
• New decisions for both sides every turn
• Simple but ingenious victory conditions
• A battle you can fight to the finish in an evening
• A great game that will ebb and flow to the end!
Most also offer scenario options to explore ‘what-ifs’ and increase replay value. Campaign options allow players to link battles so that each has consequences for the next. BBHB is a scenario book for use with the “Bloody Big Battles”
wargames rules (BBB). 
About the Author:
Chris Pringle translated and edited the Austrian semi-official histories of the war, Hungary 1848: The Winter Campaign and Hungary 1849: The Summer Campaign, as well as Professor Róbert Hermann’s modern Hungarian history, The Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-1849, all published by Helion. He has also translated Clausewitz’s histories of the 1796 and 1799 campaigns, published by the University Press of Kansas.

Bloody Big HUNGARY 48 Battles

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