RAM0002 - Cobalt Foundry

Caution! Dangerous workplace environment.

It used to be a leading factory run entirely by Artificial Intelligence. However, after its closure, the Cobalt Foundry is just a place covered in old varnish, a wreck filled with chemical waste. The emergency lights are still flashing, reminding any visitors of the broken pipes and engines. The only sound you can hear now are the echoes of shots, fights, and final breaths of the fallen.

Box Contains:

8x regular walls

8x tall walls

4x damaged regular walls

4x damaged tall walls

36x half-columns

5x floor tiles

12x floor tiles supports

42x wall pins

24x column plugs

1x stairs set

1x tall doors

3x wall toppers

All models come unpainted and unassembled.

Cobalt Foundry

Our Price: £49.00