RAM0003 - City Defenders Miniature Pack

First-tier protectors.

They’re not just a regular army squad. No, they’re more than just that. The City Defenders are a group of elite soldiers specializing in various tactics, weaponry, and modes of operation. What they do have in common is one goal - to protect the city, whatever it takes. Their reputation precedes them, no one has ever doubted their efficiency. Not because of their trust towards the City Defenders... but because of their fear.

Box Contains:

6x Storm Trooper

6x Marksman

6x Commandos

3x Psychic Covenant

3x Riders of The Storm

3x Goliath (Goliath Heavy Weapon Team)

3x Uberman

4x Additional Weapons

All models come unpainted and unassembled.

City Defenders Miniature Pack

Our Price: £49.00