RIK026 - Wooden Road Signs

Product Details

Brand: Bad Squiddo Games

Scale: 28mm

Material: Resin

Sculptor: Ristul

This kit allows you to make FOUR complete road signs. It comes in 16 pieces and the pointing panels (the bits you write on) need attaching. Regular super glue will do this. It allows you to position the signage in whatever direction you want - perfect!

There are some real sweet details here, like the fungus and leaf growth around the base and the little notices pinned up. LOST CAT!

Cast in high quality resin, supplied unpainted. Made to work with 28mm scale minis. Shown painted by Anjuli/Geek Girl Book Worm.

These sculpts were originally part of Ristul's Extraordinary Market and purchased by Bad Squiddo in 2018. We still work with Ristul to add new goodness to the range.

Wooden Road Signs

Our Price: £14.00