RIK038 - Cargo Supplies (8)

Product Details

Brand: Bad Squiddo Games

Scale: 28mm

Material: Resin

Sculptor: Ristul

8 piece kit of unique sculpts of all sorts of goodies one might need for a journey. The 8 pieces are the clumps they are in, but there are many many pieces in these - all manner of jars, vases, crates, bags. Vital for any adventurer. They can fit in pretty much all genres!

Each part is hand sculpted with care and attention to quirkiness. There is a lot of soul in these sculpts.

Cast in high quality resin, supplied unpainted. They are made to scale with 28mm miniatures, some ideas of the scale are shown in the extra photos in the gallery above (click any image next to the main one). The resin is non brittle and very easy to work with. Show painted by Ralph Plowman

Cargo Supplies (8)

Our Price: £16.00