ESR-CD-002 - ESR Russian Command Deck

72 Cards

59 Command Cards including: Aleksandr, Bagration, Barclay de Tolly, Bennigsen, Konstantin, Kutuzov, Miloradovich, Neverovsky, Ostermann-Tolstoy, Pahlen-3, Platov, Sacken, Suvórov, and Wittgenstein

13 Formation Trait Cards for modifying the abilities and behavior of Formations

ESR Command Decks provide all of the necessary stats for a broad range of historical commanders in addition to unique Commander Traits and historical information.

Included Formation Trait Cards may vary from those pictured here.

Compatible with ESR Napoleonics Series 3

All measurements provided are for the 1"=150 yards ground scale, cards are otherwise compatible with any ground scale and measurements for other ground scales are provided on the appropriate Quick Reference Guide.

ESR Russian Command Deck

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