ESR-CD-103 - ESR English Stat Cards & Orders Pack (Early-Mid-Late War)

18 Formation Stat Cards

20 Order Directive Dice Markers*

8 Status Dice Markers*

9 Order Objective Markers*

Contents are ample to supply 2-3 English players.

Included cards and markers may vary from those pictured here. Objective markers included will vary from those included and be specific to the nationality of the pack.

Compatible with ESR Napoleonics Series 3

All measurements provided are for the 1"=150 yards ground scale, cards are otherwise compatible with any ground scale and measurements for other ground scales are provided on the appropriate Quick Reference Guide.

*Paintable resin, supplied unpainted, recommended to paint Directive dice blue, Status dice red, and Objectives in appropriate national colors.

ESR English Stat Cards & Orders Pack (Early-Mid-Late War)

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