VG12024 - 12mm Late War Soviet Infantry and Heavy Weapons

This 12mm /1:144th scale WW2 infantry set contains 174 superbly detailed miniatures. We have pushed the tooling boundaries at this scale to give you well proportioned figures with a high level of detail that surpasses many 15mm and 20mm miniatures currently on the market.

This 174 figure set features many different poses and weapon types. As well as standard infantry armed with rifles and SMGs it also includes a plethora of support weapons such as Maxim MMGs. anti tank rifles, 50mm and 82mm mortars.

Set includes:

72 x Rifleman

22 x Sub machine

8 x Light machine  guns

4 x Women snipers

4 x Maxim teams

4 x Anti tank rifle teams

2 x Flag bearers 

6 x Tank riders

4 x Officers

4 x Commissars/officers

2 x Anti tank mines

10 x Ammo carriers

4 x 50mm morter teams

4 x Radio operators 

4 x 82mm mortars 

12mm Late War Soviet Infantry and Heavy Weapons

Our Price: £30.00