These two leaders of the Makhnovist Insurgency (during the Russian Civil War of the early 20th Century), blurred the lines between anarchist revolutionaries and bandits. Under the black banner, they fought for social justice, liberty and freedom, or exploited a chaotic situation in southern Ukraine for their own ends, depending on your point of view. Nestor Makhno and Fedir Schuss make for excellent leaders of any Russian Civil War/Back of Beyond tabletop army, bringing character, individuality, and unpredictability to any battlefield.

Nestor is modelled wearing his favoured burka (Caucasian felt) coat and papakha (Caucasian wool) hat. Shchus is typically looking like he has been rooting around in the dressing-up box. One eyewitness who met him gave us this description; “Dressed in a hussar’s tunic, with a sailor’s cap, bearing the ship’s name – St. John of the Golden Tongue – encrusted in gold letters, with a Caucasian dagger and a Colt thrust into his belt and two grenades at his side”.

Additional info:
These are limited edition 28mm metal figures. Only 500 sets will ever be made. Each set comes with a numbered gift card.

Figures may require some assembly and are supplied unpainted.


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