BP-WI427 - Wargames Illustrated 427

FREE: A plastic frame that makes a Warlord Games Cruel Seas Motor Torpedoe Boat. You will get one of the two different kits shown in the photo.


Lots of new releases to pick through this month, taking us from the American Revolution to horrors in the Carpathians.

Not much gets past Dom Sore as he hones his radar on more new hobby releases.

In keeping with this month’s theme, your fellow readers have some interesting modelling ideas for you, amongst other quick reads.

theme: Frame Focus: Customising Cruel Seas
Matt Parkes adds extra detailing and custom water basing to this month’s free Cruel Seas model frames.

show report: Partizan may 2023
Hurray - Partizan is back! We train our camera lens on some of the best demo tables from the show, and ask those
who put them together to tell us how
and why?

theme: Breaking free from the step-by-steps
James goes ‘freestyle’ and paints some of Gripping Beast’s plastic Cataphracts.

Surprise! A matter of some insurgency
Inspired by his rebellious ancestor, Hone Heke, Aramiha Harwood supplies a
system agnostic insurgency scenario for you to enjoy.

Toy-Bashing a Horror for THE DOOMED
Ana Polanscak returns with some toy-bashing tales of constructing a ‘big baddie’ for Osprey’s new grimdark skirmish game.

FIGURE SPOTLIGHT: Russian Napoleonic Uhlans
Alan chats to us about Perry Miniatures’ latest plastic box set release.

theme: Laswari, 1803
The Boondock Sayntes’ recreation of Laswari, 1803 at Partizan May 2023 had so many little details that we felt it deserved a showcase article all to itself.

Salute 50: Painting Competition
A look at some of our favourite entries in the Salute 2023 Painting Competition.

theme: Defending Lothlorien
Dean Bailey shares some atmospherically lit photos of his club’s Lord of the Rings game and tells us how he shot them.

why i love: twiglet redux
Bill Gray shares his appreciation for Twilight of the Sun King.

Keen kitbasher Ana Polanscak shares her recommendations on plastic kits that offer the most bash for your buck.

project showcase: THE SEVEN YEARS’ WAR ITCH
We take a tour of David Bickley’s Seven Years’ War collection and learn how he went about mustering his forces.

Wargames Illustrated 427

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