This is a cozy place where all are embraced with open arms. You will hear interesting stories (some true, others a little less so), enjoy a warm and delicious meal, and experience captivating performances by talented local musicians. This place truly buzzes with life, but remember, there is one rule - what happens in the tavern, stays in the tavern.

 A massive, multi-storey building, complete with a basement, balconies, and a roof! Length: 485mm (19") / Width: 300mm (11,8") / Height: 250mm (9,8")

- 27x long floor
- 31x regular floor
- 27x long wall
- 54x regular wall
- 23x doorways
- 119x trims
- 10x regular roof piece
- 2x concave roof piece
- 10x convex roof piece
- 4x fill wall
- 5x long ballustrade
- 10x regular ballustrade
- 2x stone stairs
- 4x wooden stairs
- 144x various clips
- 256x pegs

28mm sized hard plastic kit, supplied unpainted and unassembled.


Our Price: £139.00