VG12027 - 12mm British Loyd Carrier and 6pdr plus crews

This set includes 6 superbly detailed 12mm/1:144 scale tanks

The 6 pounder came into service in 1942 replacing the very underwhelming 2 pounder. The new 57mm calibre gun was capable of knocking out most German armour in 1942 causing serious damage to the Germans in its first outing at the battle of Gazala. It struggled to penetrate the frontal armour of the new German Tigers and Panthers but could take them out from the side. The 6 pounder was in use until the end of the war and modified versions up to 1960.

The Loyd carrier was produced between 1939 and 1960 and 26,000 were built in that period. It was mostly used as a towing vehicle for the 6 pounder but also as transport for machine gun teams and signals equipment. It was the prime mover for the 6 pounder during the Normandy landings until the end of the war.

The kit comes with 3 x 6 pounder antitank guns and 3 x Loyd carriers. There are two gun crews, 1 set in standard artillery uniform and 1 in British airborne uniform. The British airborne divisions had 6 pounders landed in gliders as antitank support to give them a bit more punch. There is extra stowage and ammo crates and spent shells plus  crew to ride in the carrier and an optional soft top canopy.

12mm British Loyd Carrier and 6pdr plus crews

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