MOTU0105 - Enter The Dragons!

In the land of Eternia, the forces of good, led by the Masters of the Universe and aided by the noble dragons of Darksmoke, must face off against the Forces of Evil and their "new weapon", the human-dragon hybrid known as Draego-Man. As tensions rise and the two sides prepare for battle, it's up to players to decide who will emerge victorious. Will the combined strength of the forces of good triumph, or will Draego-Man's power prove too great to overcome? Play the "Enter the Dragons!" expansion to find out!

- Brand new expansion not available during GameFound campaign
- ages: 14+
- 1-6 players
- 90-180 minutes
- PvP, solo (4 difficulty levels), CO-OP; quick skirmish

1 x Mission Book
10 x Epic Beasts Cards
2 x Boss Cards
10 x Quest Cards
33 x Inspiration Cards
36 x Various Tokens

Enter The Dragons!

Our Price: £24.00