A Wargamer's Companion to Argyll's & Monmouth's Rebellion of 1685.

One King! is the perfect companion to the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685 covering every encounter and unit in England, and for the first time in Scotland. Its sits alongside the book Fighting for Liberty as the ideal companion and provides the information needed to bring the Monmouth Rebellion to life on the tabletop.

One King! includes fast play campaign rules that uses the strategies, maps, deployments, and military objectives allowing the enthusiast or wargamer to follow in the footsteps of the commanders - even change the course of history over a coffee.

The battlefield plans give all the information needed to fight out all the encounters as accurately as possible. While the orders of battle and unit sheets will guide the tabletop wargamer in the recreation of their miniature armies or navies!

One King! has everything for the wargamer or military enthusiast, even the chance to change the course of history and crown the one true King James II & VII.


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