VXDA013 - Late Roman Unarmoured Cavalry

12 x Late Roman Light Cavalry Figures

Reinforce your army with these exceptional additions to our Late Roman range. These finely detailed models pay homage to the fearless horsemen who played a vital role in Roman military strategy, excelling in scouting, relentless harassment of adversaries, and the pursuit of routed foes. 

Recruited from all over the Empire, North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Germania etc, some of these cavalrymen retained the distinctive national look such as the Equites Mauri Feroces “Ferocious Moors”! Or the Equites Mauri Alites “Swift Moors”! We have given these heads a North African look and given them a hairstyle very similar to the Numidians. 

What you get:

Late Roman Unarmoured Cavalry

Our Price: £30.00