BP1864 - Pining For The Fjords


By Gary Archer, George Paler, Steven Reid

PINING FOR THE FJORDS is a scenario and campaign book for the popular CHECK YOUR 6! Air Combat and Campaign
Rules. The book provides three campaigns and 25 scenarios covering Operation Weserübung Nord, the German invasion of
Norway in the spring of 1940. The first 11 scenarios begin with each side’s attempts to interdict enemy fleet units just prior to
the invasion and continues until Bomber Command leaves Norway at the end of April to prepare for the Battle of France. The
next 6 scenarios cover the month of May and include a Stuka attack against HMS Ark Royal, the deployment of 46 Squadron
(Hurricanes) and the second deployment of 263 Squadron (Gladiators). The book ends with 8 scenarios depicting the last
aerial combats before the Allied withdrawal from Norway, British attempts to get revenge upon KMS Scharnhorst for the sinking
of HMS Glorious, and one showing that an Allied air presence over Norway would continue until liberation. Scenarios can be
played as one-offs, linked as a mini-campaign, or joined as the whole campaign.

HISTORICAL RESEARCH: Information is provided regarding the reasoning behind the German invasion, the duplicity
of both sides, what happened and why, mistakes made and lessons learned or not learned, and the generally poor state of
aerial gunnery that caused a Special Rule in many scenarios. Maps and a bibliography are included.

NEW AIRCRAFT STATISTICS: Some aircraft, such as the Gladiatorand Sunderland, have not seen much use in
previously published CHECK YOUR 6! books; others, like the Wellington, Skua, and Ju-88C-2 Zerstörer, have not appeared
before. Complete statistics, in standard CHECK YOUR 6! format, are included for all of them.

SCENARIOS AND CAMPAIGN SYSTEM: The scenarios in this book vary in size, from some big enough for a club
event or convention to some small enough for two players to knock out in an hour. The campaign system is easy to use and
requires minimal record keeping.


Pining For The Fjords

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