KCS-91014 - Forges of Doom Base Cover

Forges of Doom Base Cover (140ml)
Our base covers are the solution for a quick and high-quality base design for your models. Be it just a small war band or a huge army, the high-quality base cover mixes create fantastic, natural-looking bases for many different themes in just a few steps in minutes.
Simply apply glue and apply the mix or press the base into the mix to create a natural and varied floor texture in the desired location. It's just as
easy as it sounds!
Each of our mixes is hand blended from a range of finely balanced components and comes in convenient, small, resealable plastic boxes for easy and clean use.
Of course, you can also use your base covers to build complex terrain pieces or use them to create dioramas. One mix, endless possibilities.
With our innovative Basecover fx mixes you can make your bases glow. The color components in the mix can be stimulated with daylight or even more intensely with UV light and then produce a glowing glow. With the Forges of Doom Basecover you could fuel deep dwarven forges, create volcanic planets or represent hellish embers for your demons. The mix is just as easy to use as our other base covers. Designing a Lavebase has never been easier!

Forges of Doom Base Cover

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