VXA049 - Early Imperial Roman Bolt-Shooter

4 x Early Imperial Roman Bolt-shooters.

Every Roman Centuria within a Legion was equipped with a Light Bolt shooter (either Scorpion or Manuballista) These were manned by regular Legionaries and used in the field or defensively from forts or during sieges. They were capable of hurling a large dart or bolt at much longer ranges than the typical bow and added some devastating long range, heavy hitting firepower to any Roman Legion.

There is a useful image on Trajan’s column depicting this Bolt-shooter with cylindrical drums laying siege to a Dacian hillfort.

You get a lot of bits to really customise each figure and make your bolt-shooter bases look ready for business.

What you get

If you want to convert this into a Late Roman bolt-shooter you could easily convert some of the Late Roman infantry figures from the armoured, unarmoured and archer sets.

Early Imperial Roman Bolt-Shooter

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