Renatio et Gloriam is a set of tabletop miniatures rules that allow you to fight large- scale battles from the Renaissance and Early Modern period. Covering warfare from the late Fifteenth Century up to the end of the Great Northern War in 1721, these rules allow you to field the armies of Cordoba, Turenne, or Marlborough. 

At the core of the rules is the CCC Games engine, developed by Simon Hall, first seen in the ancient tabletop miniatures rules Mortem et Gloriam. When published in 2020, the rules were the first main battle set ever to win a Wargames Illustrated hobby award; and took a clean sweep in the historical wargaming hobby awards.

The troop types and armies in Renatio et Gloriam are prescribed by the tactics of the historical counterparts, rather than how they were armed. For instance, with Pike and Shot the operating methods are built into the formations we model on the tabletop. We don’t worry about individual Pikemen and Musketeers; we leave that to their captains, and leave you, the general, to make all of the strategic decisions.

There is friction in the game. Each on-table general will have a hand of cards, which can be played in multiple ways. Better-quality generals get more cards. Management of these cards is paramount to the decisions that you, as the Army commander, must make. When playing these cards will you order a charge on the enemy? Or will you try to encourage the soldiers onward a er being driven back by deadly fire? Or will the general join the ranks to bolster troops’ morale? These are the decisions you will face.

There are many ways to play Renatio et Gloriam, since we realise that sometimes ‘one size does not fit all.’ So, if you want a competitive matched play game style that is there for you. However, the rules allow streamlining of mechanisms to allow for a more casual play style or allow battles using fewer figures. This gives novice players an easy gateway to learn how to play, and over time add more complexity to their games if they desire to do so.

Supporting the core rules are over 400 army lists covering conflicts around the globe. These are broadly categorised by time, geography, and important conflict. The grouping of lists does have flexibility in scale. If you want Marlborough’s army at Blenheim – fine, we have that. If you want the English Garrison at Tangiers, that’s fine too. We wanted to be as inclusive as possible, and leave it down to the players how they play. We will not judge!

The rules are supported in many ways. The main Renatio et Gloriam website has notifications of events, articles, or anything else that is newsworthy. ere is a forum to answer questions or to chat with like-minded players, and there is also a Facebook presence. It’s quick to contact the team, and we are all here to help.


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