BP1872 - Spectre Operations

Spectre Operations is a brand new system that has been redesigned from the ground up to provide the most comprehensive rules for wargames set in the modern era on the tabletop.

These rules will allow you to play a myriad of the situations that are defined by Modern Warfare. Lead an Operation consisting of Combined forces against a Near Peer Opponent, Conduct a Special Operations Forces mission to Eliminate a High Value Target, or Covertly Infiltrate and conduct and Intelligence gathering mission against a sensitive target - Spectre Operations allows you to play all aspects of these missions, and more.

Spectre Operations utilises as new mechanic, in which your force generates Momentum with its Elements. This Momentum can be used to perform numerous Actions, Such as Manoeuvring, Engaging, Breaching, Snap Firing and more! More Momentum spent on an Action will benefit the Element, by moving further or gaining more shots - but at a penalty. Movement will diminish and shots will become less accurate.  

Actions can be made in any order and combination, providing very dynamic gameplay.

The book includes:

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Spectre Operations

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