VXA050 - Greek Hoplites

48 x Greek Hoplites

We have packed our new Greek Hoplite set with detail and dynamism. The figures can be posed in advancing/charging poses with thrusting spears overhead or thrusting their swords, but also with upright spear options if you need the figures to rank up easier.

They mix perfectly well with our earlier Hoplite sets, but we have added more variety of armour and helmet styles. There is now Linothorax armour with scales and a lot more Corinthian style helmets alongside, Illyrian, Chalcidian and Phrygian variants making every Hoplite an individual.

These figures can be used from the wars with the Early Achaemenid Persian empire, the Peleponnesian War with Greeks on Greeks, the Wars with Macedon and the invasions of the Later Achaemenid Persian empire, So from around 500BC to 250BC. You could even add some Carthaginian heads to make them into extra Libyan and Carthaginian spearmen variants.

What you get:

Greek Hoplites

Our Price: £40.00