BP1873 - ArcWorlde: Core Rules (2.2)

ArcWorlds is a narrative battle game for one or more players, where Warbands, heroes and monsters clash within the wilds of the mysterious Mildaark Forest.

There are beasts to slay, treasures to discover, objectives to capture, and rival Commanders to defeat. Using these rules, your imagination, and the wide range of characterful ArcWorlde miniatures available, you and your friends can play out fantastic tales within this fantasy realm.

Each of your models is a Character. These Characters make up your Warband, and it's up to you to lead them to victory. Although ArcWorlde can be enjoyed as a one-off game, you can also create campaigns of linked narrative events.

The core of ArcWorlde is playing out exciting battles with your Characters and creating stories that you and your friends will love and remember. ArcWorlde isn't a game that's just about winning - the main objective is having fun!

What adventures await you and your Warbands in the depths of the Mildaark Forest?

ArcWorlde: Core Rules (2.2)

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