FGV367 - Praklicore

Developed long ago in the breeding pits beneath the city, the Praklicore was a critical success but a commercial failure. In appearance, it resembles a lion covered in spines like a porcupine. It has a set of ‘wings’, that are useless for flight, but can fling its spines at great distance and with significant force. Just to make matters worse, the spines secret a nasty toxin that is poisonous to most creatures. Combining strength, power, and speed, along with a poisonous ranged weapon, makes these creatures fearsome opponents.It also made them hideous to look at, which hurt their sales.
It is unknown just how many praklicores have survived to the modern day, but they must be breeding in the tunnels beneath the city, for every so often one climbs up out of the dark to hunt.

28mm sized metal model, supplied unpainted. Requires assembly with glue.


Our Price: £7.00