DNL0077 - Undercity Hideout

Best Left Undisturbed.
Few know what terrors lie beneath the city's surface, although murmurs of cultists in the city have reached the ears of some taverngoers. Occasionally, screams can be heard near the city's sewers but even the guards aren't willing to investigate. The dangers that lurk within these halls require someone with keen eyes, lest the darkness that dwells here will take you away next...

- diverse themes - exploring the underground doesn't have to be dull!
- massive size - your average kitchen table might not be enough
- modular - build & rebuild your own adventures any way you please


- 4x double water tile
- 4x single water tile
- 4x outer corner
- 4x inner corner
- 4x short sidewalk
- 8x long sidewalk
- 32x double wall
- 61x single wall
- 22x doorway
- 26x double floor
- 33x single floor
- 4x fantasy pillar

Requires manual assembly and painting.

Undercity Hideout

Our Price: £139.00