TSB034 - Knight Hospitaller & Native Scout.

Knight Hospitaller
Nationalities: France, Spain, Russia
Once a powerful military order, by the time of the Napoleonic Wars, the Knights Hospitaller were mainly an administrative group in charge of the island of Malta, where they carried on their tradition of protection and aid to pilgrims. When Napoleon captured Malta on his way to Egypt, the organization was functionally destroyed, though some members would reform smaller groups in other countries such as Russia. Those fighting for France, probably do so under a degree of duress, but their Christian calling to help the needy, along with their medical skills, make them a good addition to specialist units.

Native Scout
As large empires that include many overseas territories, Britain, France, and Spain are used to employing ‘native’ people as scouts, guides, and militia. Occasionally one of these natives is brought to Europe specifically to serve in a specialist unit. Their closer connection to nature and to the spirit world tends to make them very resilient when facing the supernatural.

Two 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.


Knight Hospitaller & Native Scout.

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