TSB036 - Giant Scorpion

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024. 

When the blood of certain abominations pours out into the desert sands, it can infect the earth and cause strange things to happen. One of the most terrifying is the growth of normal scorpions into monstrous beasts, whose curved tails can easily reach a mounted soldier. With claws that can tear a man in half and a stinger that can punch through the thickest armour, it’s a rare soldier that survives long enough to worry about its venom. While these creatures have no supernatural defences, no specific immunities, they have a tough exoskeleton that can deflect blades and musket balls.

28mm sized monster. Made of metal and supplied unassembled and unpainted. 

Warning. This metal kit is quite complex and does require some experience in modelling to construct.

Giant Scorpion

Our Price: £12.00