BP1883 - V For Victory (Preorder)


V For Victory is a miniatures wargame for two to four players that brings the bitter battles of World War II to life on your table. Take command of a platoon and lead your men in dangerous missions against a determined enemy!

More than your strength of arms, it’s your tactical acumen and ability to rally your soldiers’ courage that will carry the day. With its original morale and command mechanics, V For Victory is a game that’s easy to learn but which replicates the difficulty of maintaining a platoon’s cohesion! Can you meet the challenge of commanding men under enemy fire?

In This Book:

• All the rules you need to command your troops, send them into combat, and maintain their stiff upper lip in the face of adversity – presented step-by-step for quick adoption.

• How to use light and armoured vehicles, support weapons, and all the period’s essential units.

• Ten scenarios for two players, and one team scenario in which four players can fight it out.

• Orders of battle for 1944-45 covering the major powers (Germany, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America) as well as resistance fighters and partisans!

• Inspiring photos highlighting iconic scenes of World War II combat.

V For Victory is generally played on a 120cm by 120cm table, and you only need around thirty figures and some support weapons to play. Designed to be played with 28mm figures, it can easily be adapted to other scales.

V For Victory (Preorder)

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